Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I qualify to live in Northway Estates?

A. ALL occupants MUST be 55 or older. Your credit must be approved as part of the application process.


Q. How do I go about buying a home?

A. While some homes are sold directly by the homeowner, however many people choose to employ a sales person or Real Estate company. The office is also willing to sell your home. Contact us for details.


Q. Is there a security deposit?

A. No.


Q.  Can I sell my home during the lease term?

A. Yes. The lease will be rewritten and transferred to the new owner.


Q. What is included in my lot rent?

A. Your rent will cover taxes, sewer, garbage & lawn debris pick-up, and road maintenance.

Q. What is NOT included in my lot rent?

A. You will be responsible for your lawn, driveway, utilities (including water,) and general home repair and maintenance.

Q. Can I buy or build a shed, garage, or carport?

A. Yes. However, it is necessary for you or your contractor to obtain prior approval from the Park Office, in addition to the proper building permit from the Town of Malta.


Q. Will I be entitled to the STAR Program and/or any other tax redemptions?

A. Most likely. To qualify, you must be a New York State resident. You will need to fill out the necessary paperwork at the Town Hall before eligibility can be determined.


Q. What is my legal address?

A. 2560 Rte. 9 Lot # ____ Malta, NY 12020


Q. Who supplies our water?

A. Saratoga Water Services. Your water will be metered and billed directly to you. The average cost is approximately $20.00 per month, billed quarterly.

Q. When will my garbage & recycling be picked up?

A. Trash is collected early Friday morning, usually before 9:00. Some tenants prefer to put theirs out on Thursday evening. Please note that garbage bins are NOT provided by County Waste. Recycling will be collected every OTHER week. Be sure to check the schedule located at the mailbox bulletin board.


Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Yes, we are an animal friendly park!


Q. If even for a brief period of time, can our children or grandchildren live with us?

A. No. This is an age restricted park. Every occupant must be 55 or older at all times. Of course, visitors are welcome!

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Q. I notice a lot of new development in Malta. Is there any chance the park will be sold?

A. This is a family owned and operated business, which we intend to continue running for generations! We have NO intention of selling the park.